About us

The UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) carries out world-class, interdisciplinary research into sustainable future energy systems.

Our whole systems research programme addresses the challenges and opportunities presented by the transition to a net zero energy system and economy.

UKERC was founded in 2004, and is funded by UK Research and Innovation, the UK government’s research and innovation funding agency. UKERC’s activities are overseen by a committee of eleven Co-Directors, and it is advised by an independent Advisory Board. Find out more about UKERC Governance.

Our research

UKERC carries out world-class research into sustainable future energy systems.

Our research explores the technical, economic, policy, environmental and social dimensions of the energy transition. UKERC’s research programme and capacity increases during each five-year phase through a Flexible Research Fund.

In UKERC phase 4, our core research programme focuses on seven research themes:

  1. UK Energy in a Global Context 
  2. Local and Regional Energy Systems
  3. Energy Environment and Landscapes
  4. Energy Infrastructure Transitions
  5. Energy for mobility
  6. Energy Systems for Heat
  7. Industrial Decarbonisation 

UKERC also includes four national capabilities. These capabilities contribute to our research programme, and also benefit the wider scientific community and society. They undertake systematic evidence reviews, host and curate energy data, map and monitor public engagement with energy systems, and improve the transparency and understanding of energy models.


UKERC is a distributed centre, with researchers based in many different institutions throughout the UK. UKERC’s headquarters are based in University College London, where nine professional services and research staff work.

The HQ team supports the research programme and the wider UK energy research community by promoting engagement with other stakeholders, supporting career development and capacity building, and enhancing international collaboration. 

International Representation

UKERC also acts a focal point for UK energy research and a gateway between the UK and the international energy research communities. We work to strengthen the UK’s presence as a major global player in energy research, and to provide a focal point for international collaboration.

We help to shape initiatives of mutual interest, connect UK expertise to international initiatives, and disseminate intelligence about opportunities to UK researchers.

UKERC works closely with the European Commission and major European energy research centres. Outside of the EU we engage with a range of other countries and organisations. Recent examples include the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (USA), the Mexican government, Norwegian research funders and the Foreign Commonwealth Office Science and Innovation Network.

UKERC represents the UK energy research community in European Energy Research Alliance (EERA), and engages in collaborations through the Low Carbon Societies Research Network.

In phase 4, we are establishing a new International Exchange Programme to support Early Career Researchers and promote international collaboration. Partnerships will be explored with major economies such as USA, China, South Korea, Japan, and the EU, building on our international networks.