Cohesion, Learning & Skills



UKERC is committed to promoting cohesion in UK energy research. William Burns UKERC's Stakeholder Engagement Manager leads these activities and works to promote cohesion through a variety of means, including:
  • Networking events, small-group meetings and conferences around the UK.
  • Regular site visits to UK energy research institutions to assess capacity and needs on the ground.
  • Data gathering, a particular focus has been analysing energy grants allocated.


Learning & Skills

UKERC is committed to fostering and nurturing new talent and up-skilling early career energy professionals. We facilitate learning and networking via a number of mechanisms detailed below. 
  • Studentships: UKERC’s interdisciplinary research studentships have funded over 30 students at UK universities for interdisciplinary energy research across scientific, engineering and socio-economic boundaries. Studentships are advertised online via our careers pages and in our weekly newsletter.
  • International Energy Summer School: For several years we ran an annual International Energy Summer School which was a highlight of the energy calendar. In 2018 UKERC hosted the CDT Masterclass in partnership with Sheffield University, to find out more please visit the webpage or contact William Burns for further details.
  • Career Roundtables: These are regular events that offer a hype-free account of how to build an energy career in various settings, such as a think-tank or a tech start-up. UKERC delivers Career Roundtables in collaboration with partner institutions and also offers a small fund to seed career events around the UK - please contact William Burns for details.
  • UKERC Network: The UKERC Network is a resource for anyone interested in the UK energy sector to find, and contribute, insight on the main activities and trends in UK energy research. The resource is hosted on the UKERC website and distributed in a weekly newsletter.