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Great Britain: by 2030 30% of the electricity will be offshore wind - Green Report, 7th March
Climate change: Government deal to boost offshore wind - BBC News, 7th March
Shelved nuclear power plans leave UK government's energy policy in hot water - Chemistry World, 20th February
How do we stop the lights going out? - Express & Star, 22nd January
Britain's nuclear power puzzle: How do we stop the lights going out? - Shropshire Star, 21st January
Climate change: Is nuclear power the answer? - BBC, 17th January
Only renewables can fix the UK's nuclear energy crisis - Wired, 17th January
Public want energy companies to pay fair share towards transition costs - Network, 17th January
Pietro Vandini: Transizione energetica, non si può improvvisare per mera propaganda elettorale - Ravenna notizie, 17th January
What are we reading? 17th January 2019 - Business in Vancouver, 17th January
Committee considers clean energy technology - Verdict, 14th January
EU BOMBSHELL: How the bloc 'imposed the HIGHEST electricity and gas bills on Britain'- Daily Express, 9th January


Crunch time for carbon reduction - Pysics World, 18th December
Home energy efficiency upgrades 'should not fall' to suppliers - Utility Week, 18th December
More needs to be done to help disabled people get energy efficient - Energy Live News, 15th December
UK: A hard Brexit would add millions to consumer electricity bills - PV Magazine International, 14th December
Energy efficiency policy sidelines disabled people, says report - Disability News Service, 13th December
Hard 'elecxit' could cost consumers £270m each year - Utility Week, 11th December
No deal or hard Brexit could increase electricity costs by £270 million a year - Environment Journal, 10th December
Elecxit? Leaving EU electricity market could cost UK £270m a year, UKERC warns - Business Green, 10th December
Hard Brexit could add £270 million to Britain's energy bills, UKERC warns - Current News, 7th December
Elecxit could cost British consumers £270 million a year - London Loves Business, 7th December
Please listen to us: typhoon survivors appeal to fossil fuel firms - China Dialogue, 16th November
‘A total myth’: Green policy costs not to blame for energy price hikes, says new report - Current-news, 1st November
Government policies ‘not to blame for recent price hikes’ - Energy Live News, 30th October
Jim Watson interviewed on BBC News at Five on the BBC News Channel - BBC, 26th September
Labour wants green energy to power most UK homes by 2030 - The Guardian, 24th September
Labour: 2030 should see most UK homes powered by green energy - The Investment Observer, 24th September
The UK Needs More Energy Storage to Cope Without Gas-Fired Heating - Bloomberg, 18th August
Beast from the East’ caused winter gas spike - Energy Live News, 18th August
Weird ‘wind drought’ means Britain’s turbines are at a standstill - New Scientist, 17th July
Doubt cast over CCS reliability for mass hydrogen conversion - Utility Week, 11th June
Sustainability and investment in the new energy paradigm - Funds People, 25th June
Internal Boiler Treatment Chemicals Market Will Target Emerging by 2018 to 2027 - The Perfect Investor, 22nd June
Green mortgages can help unlock £47bn of energy efficiency - Mortgage Finance Gazette, 15th June
If We Switch to All Electric Cars, We Could See 10,000 Fewer Deaths in the UK Each Year - The News Wheel, 13th June
Toxic fumes from cars and vans in Sheffield 'cost public health £38.6m a year' - The Star, 8th June
Car pollution costs health services £6bn a year, study reveals - Local Gov, 6th June
Each car in London costs NHS and society £8,000 due to air pollution, report finds - Independent, 6th June
'Impossible-to-cheat' emissions tests show almost all new diesels still dirty - The Guardian, 6th June
Study: Health and social costs from vehicle emissions top £6bn a year - Business Green, 6th June
Work from home to cut car pollution deaths, Oxford study suggests - The Telegraph, 6th June
Revealed: The UK cities with the highest pollution costs... as London's hits £650m - Evening Standard, 6th June
Cars and vans ‘create £6bn in healthcare costs’ - Air Quality News, 6th June
Pollution from Britain's cars and vans costs £6 billion per year in damaged health - Pys.Org, 6th June 
Air pollution from cars and vans ‘costs £6bn a year to health' - The Irish News, 6th June
Air pollution from cars and vans ‘costs £6bn a year to UK health’ - Gibraltar Chronicle, 6th June 
MOT diesel emissions tests - The cars most likely to fail their MOT for emissions revealed - Daily Express, 22nd May
'Future-proof': Pivot Power unveils plans for £1.6bn battery-based EV charging network - Business Green, 21st May
UK's clean car goal 'not ambitious enough' - BBC, 21st May, 2018
Hitachi, U.K. Negotiating Nuclear Deal Echoing EDF's Hinkley - Bloomberg, 9th May, 2018
Use excess wind and solar power to produce hydrogen – report - The Guardian, 9th May, 2018
Climate levies on household energy bills - a fair system? - Energy World, April 2018
The New Power Interview: Jim Watson - New Power, 24th April, 2018
Government cools energy efficiency ambition by 400 years - The Telegraph, 8th April, 2018
Lowering demand to play ‘important role’ in securing UK energy supply - Energy Voice, 27th March 2018
Boost energy security by cutting demand, say researchers - Business Green, 26th March 2018
How reliant are the UK and Europe on Russian Gas? - Jim Watson on the BBC Daily Politics Show, 15th March
Poorest households hit hardest by energy policy costs - Utility Week, 5th March, 2018
A fairer distribution of RES fees for the poorest British households? - OENERGETICE.CZ, 5th March 2018
Leeds researchers say Government energy policy is 'penalising' poorer families, Leeds Live, 5th March 2018
Poorest households hit hardest by UK climate change levy despite using least energy - i News, 5th March 2018
Re-think on energy charging could reduce bills for 70% of households - About Manchester, 5th March 2018
A fairer distribution of RES fees for the poorest British households? - Oenergetice, 5th March 2018
Richest UK households 'should pay more to fund clean energy' - Guardian, 2nd March
Should the rich pay more for clean energy? - Business Green, 2nd March
Poorest households hit hardest by UK climate change levy despite using least energy - The Conversation, 2nd March
Re-think on energy charging could reduce bills for 70% of households - Phys.Org 2nd March
Should UK's richest households pay more for green energy? - Energy Live News 2nd March
Re-thinking on energy charging could reduce bills for 70% of households, study found - Tech Explorist, 2nd March
Extreme weather tests UK gas security to the limit - The Conversation, 2nd March
Hydrogen for heat ‘will create anchor carbon capture and storage projects’ - The Energyst, 28th February
If Italy invested one billion in renewable sources, how many jobs would it create? - AGI, 13th February
End of the internal combustion engine, part 3: the age of the electric vehicle begins - The National, 9th January
End of the internal combustion engine, part 2: how climate change drove the race for an alternative - The National, 8th January


UK fracking to begin in earnest in 2018 after tough year for industry - The Guardian, 25th December
Climate change: Is the UK doing enough to meet carbon emissions targets? - ITV, 16th December
Community energy projects fill a UK niche - Decentralized Energy, 12th December
Do renewable energies create jobs as Gentiloni says? - Agenzia Giornalistica Italia, 7th December
Guest blog: Is gas a bridge to nowhere for UK climate policy - Carbon Brief, 5th December
Klimarisiko: Hva betyr det for olje og gass? - ENERGI OG CLIMA, 6th November 2017
Business Green 10 Years On: How the clean energy revolution gathered pace - Business Green, 25th October 2017
Severn Trent looks towards smart energy future with demand response service -, 25th October 2017
Are energy efficiency programmes all they seem? - The Conversation, 13th October 2017
Ban on gas cookers and boilers by 2050 to hit green targets: Ministers pledge low-carbon alternatives as part of £2.5bn plan to modernise the use of fuel in homes - Daily Mail, 12th October 2017
UK could rescue energy efficient homes policy with few key steps - The Guardian, 27th September 2017
Why we must make Britain's buildings great again - Business Green, 27th September 2017
This summer was greenest ever for energy, says National Grid - The Guardian, 26th September 2017
Energy bills could rise even further after Brexit  - Yahoo Finance, 6th October
Energy Efficiency, the EU raises targets 2030 - Key 4 Biz, 11 September
Research reveals £7.5bn energy savings opportunity - Utility Week, 8 September
National Grid measures real-time system inertia for the first time -, 6th September
Households 'need help to get warmer home' - BBC, 6 September
Call for ban on sale of homes with bad insulation - The Times, 6 September
Better energy efficiency measures could cut UK costs by £7.5bn - The Guardian, 6 September
Energy efficiency policies ‘could save UK homes £270’, report finds - Carbon Brief, 6 September
U.K. Told Drafty Homes Ban May Save Power of Six Nuclear Plants - Bloomberg, 6 September
Government urged to set household efficiency targets - Press Association (via AOL), 6 September
Energy policy must draw on evidence-based analysis - Financial Times, 24 August
The hidden costs of renewable power - Financial Times, 21 August
Britain should stay in EU energy market in Brexit transition deal - think tank - Reuters, 10 May
The UK and Europe should continue their cooperation on energy after Brexit, the report by the Chatham House think tank said Wednesday - Sputnik News, 10 May
Brexit negotiations should treat energy as ‘special case’, says report - Carbon Brief, 10 May
Brexit: Chatham House spells out complexities of UK’s energy relationship with EU - PV Magazine, 10 May
What Does the Future Hold for UK-EU Energy Cooperation After Brexit? - De Smog Blog, 10 May
Could we have an energy system that changes with the weather? - Chronicle, 8 March
Windfarms aren’t the real reason energy bills are rising. Blame the free market - Observer, 27 February
Researchers Warn UK Must Increase Power System Flexibility - Clean Technica, 22 February
In-depth: The whole system costs of renewables - Carbon Brief, 22 February
‘Urgent’ government action needed over power system flexibility - Solar Power Portal, 21 February
STA Comments on UKERC’s Costs and Impacts of Intermittency Report -, 21 February
UK needs flexible system ‘to avoid spiralling renewable costs’ - Energy Live News, 21 February
Flexibility needed 'urgently' to avoid spiralling renewable costs - Gas Power Heat Systems Network, 21 February
Flexibility needed ‘urgently’ to avoid spiralling renewable costs - Utility Week, 21 February
'Urgent' action needed to boost flexibility of UK power system - Business Green, 21 February
Flexible system needed make UK renewables cost-effective -report - Reuters, 21 February
Scot Gov has chance to “transform” energy sector - Energy Voice, 23 January
Experts lead call for new transformative energy sector - Scottish Construction Now, 23 January
Ministers urged on bold vision to decarbonise Scotland's energy system - The National, 23 January
Holyrood urged to adopt phased ban of petrol and diesel vehicles - Energy Voice, 23 January
Energy experts call for ban on diesel and petrol vehicles - The Times, 23 January
UK wave power far too costly, warns energy research body - Guardian, 16 January


Research aims for justice in energy policy
University of York, 22 January 2016
Tackle cold homes, ministers told
BBC News, 2 February 2016
Professor Jim Watson: did Cop21 deliver on its promises?
Adjacent Government, February 2016
Scrapping carbon capture support 'threatens UK climate targets'
Guardian, 10 February 2010
Scrapping carbon capture support 'threatens UK climate targets'
Guardian, 10 February 2016
Investment in UK energy 'damaged' by CCS withdrawal
E&T magazine, 10 February 2016
Government warned after pulling plug on emissions technology development scheme
Express and Star, 10 February 2016
Cross party report slams government CCS decision
The Engineer, 10 February 2016
UK will struggle to meet emissions targets without CCS, says new report
Solar Power Portal, 10 February 2016
'Limited role' for natural gas in UK future energy mix
BBC News, 23 February 2016
'Limited' future for gas in the UK without carbon capture
Guardian, 23 February 2016
Gas is unlikely to be a cost-effective route to decarbonisation, research reveals
Business Green, 23 February 2016
Gas only a stopgap for UK without carbon capture - report
Reuters, 23 February 2016
Role for gas in UK very limited, warns UKERC
The Engineer, 23 Febraury 2016
Natural gas capabilities in the UK 'very limited' without carbon capture, report warns, 23 February 2016
Gas has only limited role as ‘bridging fuel’
The Chemical Engineer, 23 February 2016
Future of gas in UK ‘limited without CCS’
Energy Live News, 23 February 2016
Future of gas in a low carbon U.K. is 'limited', 24 February 2016
Limited future for gas in the UK: Report
Kallanish Energy, 25 February 2016
Role of gas as a 'bridge' fuel very limited without CCS
Gas to Power Journal, 23 February 2016
New £200,000 CCS research launched in UK
Energy Live News, 2 March 2016
Should fracking decisions be made locally?
The Conversation, 11 March 2016
Also republished in Oil Voice
Green policies are not responsible for the Tata steel crisis
Guardian, 5 April 2016
Solar farm spread in Swansea fields sparks intense debate
South Wales Evening Post, 18 May 2016
Brexit Presents Energy Opportunities for Britain
Blue and Green Tomorrow, 20 July 2016
The Newcastle centre looking at ways of making the energy system fossil-free
Newcastle Chronicle, 27 July 2016
Factory machines to heat homes under huge green networks plan
Telegraph, 28 August 2016
Brexit: voyage into the unknown
Recharge News, 1 September 2016
LCNF success is ‘not defined by business as usual’
Gas Power Heat Systems Network, 2 September 2016
Labour’s green gas push
Environmental Research Web, 3 September 2016
Jeremy Corbyn: my plan for Britain's green industrial revolution
The Ecologist, 8 September 2016
Toward a Green Industrial Revolution
Counter Punch, 12 September 2016
Making the Switch
Climate 2020, 14 September 2016
Chinese eye two more new UK nuclear plants after Hinkley go-ahead
Lancashire Telegraph, 15 September 2016
Energy bills could soar by £18 a year now Hinkley Point power station has go ahead
Mirror, 15 September 2016
Theresa May says yes to £18bn power station at Hinkley Point
Evening Standard, 15 September 2016
Hinkley C finally gets green light after 'revised agreement' with EDF
NW Evening Mail, 15 September 2016
Everything you need to know about Hinkley Point C
BT Com, 15 September 2016
Expert opinion deeply divided on case for Hinkley nuclear
General Construction Review, 15 September 2016
Experts agree fracking won't cut energy bills, ad watchdog rules
Telegraph, 21 September 2016
Fracking given UK go-ahead as Lancashire council rejection overturned
Guardian, 6 October 2016
UK government gives fracking go-ahead to Cuadrilla
E&T Magazine, 6 October 2016
As Fracking Gets U.K. Nod, a U.S.-Inspired Boom Is Far Away
Bloomberg, 6 October 2016
It's not just environmentalists who think fracking is wrong
New Statesman, 6 October 2016
UK gives go ahead to second ever shale gas permit
Reuters, 6 October 2016
U.K. Gives OK to 2nd Ever Shale Gas Project
Fortune, 6 October 2016
Government accused of ignoring its own climate change experts over fracking >
Independent, 6 October 2016
Energy experts urge funding for more efficient homes and renewables subsidies
AOL News, 16 November 2016
Paris climate deal at risk unless countries step up plans, says watchdog, 16 November
Paris climate deal at risk unless countries step up plans, says watchdog
Guardian, 16 November
The eight pillars of UK energy decarbonisation
Business Green, 18 November
Campaigners dismiss Christmas electricity blackout report as 'laughable'
Guardian, 19 December
Christmas blackout claims ‘deeply misleading’
Utility Week, 19 December
Study: Leave coal in the ground to avoid climate change
Reporting Climate Science, 7 January 2015
Booms and bust-ups
Chemistry World, 9 January 2015
UK's shale gas revolution falls flat with just 11 new wells planned for 2015
Guardian, 19 January 2015
Shale revolution on a limb, only 11 fracking projects active in UK
RT, 19 January 2015
How to Make Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty – The Future of UK Carbon Reductions
Scientific American, 19 January 2015
Beyond the pipelines: gas goes global through LNG, but not without risk
The Conversation, 20 January 2015
Attacks on the Big Six over gas prices miss a key point
The Conversation, 6 February 2015
Briefing: What impact will cheap gas have on UK climate policy?
Carbon Brief, 11 February 2015
UK backs £315m renewable energy projects
Guardian, 26 February 2015
Should the UK be subsidising the world's first tidal lagoons?
Guardian, 2 March 2015
Shale gas in doubt in UK's low-carbon transition, 6 March 2015
Policy makers warned on UK shale gas - assume there won't be any
The Ecologist, 25 March 2015
Manifesto Check: Labour ready to go green, but remains grey on detail
The Conversation, 14 April 2015
What the general election means for UK climate and energy policy
Carbon Brief, 17 April 2015
"Experts agree - fracking won't cut our energy bills"
Click Green, 6 May 2015
Election 2015: What will a Conservative majority mean for climate and energy?
Carbon Brief, 12 May 2015
It's only government policies that make the UK's wind power expensive
The Ecologist, 22 June 2015
Green technology: Positive energy
Financial Times, 26 June
Nuclear fusion reactor prototype to be unveiled in the UK - See more at:
Nuclear fusion reactor prototype to be unveiled in the UK - See more at:
Nuclear fusion reactor prototype to be unveiled in the UK
Digital Look, 29 June 2015
Between a rock and a hard place
House Magazine, 17 July 2015
Can UK's solar industry survive without subsidies?
Guardian, 21 July 2015
MPs 'denied say' over cuts to solar subsidies
BBC News, 22 July 2015
Europe slashes subsidies for renewables as energy prices rise
The Australian, 25 July 2015
DECC cuts solar subsidies
Sentinel Republic, 28 July 2015
Why is fracking so bad? You asked Google, here's the answer
Guardian, 19 August 2015
Understanding thermal energy storage
(page 318) Adjacent Government, August 2015
Help save UK solar from the axe
Clean Technica, 4 September 2015
Energy and environment advisor Amber Sharick says while there should be pressure on UK businesses to transition to renewables, Germany’s place in that conversation remains questionable
European CEO, 17 September 2015
How do you get investors excited about Germany’s renewables market?
The New Economy, 17 September 2015
Green Dream
Society Now, October 2015 (see page 14)
Confusing government policy biggest threat to UK clean energy, says top academic
Guardian, 5 October 2015
UK allows more gas fracking
Euronews, 6 October
Fracking given the go ahead in Lancashire
The Engineer, 6 October
Government accused of ignoring its own climate change experts over fracking
Independent, 6 October
Hinkley Point nuclear deal confirmed
The Engineer, 21 October 2015
Government finally admits it is subsidising nuclear - while cutting help for renewables
Guardian, 22 October 2015
Time running out for renewables action, report warns
Relocate Global, 23 October 2015
Government running out of time to deliver affordable low-carbon energy system, experts warn
Independent, 23 October 2015
Government energy policies 'will increase CO2 emissions'
BBC News, 9 November 2015
Global energy demand has adverse effects on freshwater resources of less developed nations
Eurekalert, 16 November 2015
UKERC Deputy Director Paul Ekins talks about plans to close UK coal powered stations
BBC Today programme, 18 November 2015
UK dash for gas-fired electricity is riddled with risk
New Scientist, 19 November 2015
Government reneges on £1bn for carbon capture and storage
The Engineer, 25 November 2015
Government decision to axe £1bn carbon capture competition 'devastating'
Express and Star, 25 November 2015
Britain axes $2b carbon capture scheme
Straits Times, 26 November 2015
Britain axes £1 billion carbon capture scheme
The Pensinsula (Qatar), 26 November 2015
Britain axes £1b carbon capture scheme
The Nation (Pakistan), 26 November 2015
The way ahead: empowering smart cities
Business Reporter, 31 August 2014
CHARTS: Giant gap between future lithium supply, demand, 10 September 2014
Could metal scarcity undermine clean tech revolution?
Business Green, 11 September 2014
Professor John Loughhead appointed DECC's new Chief Scientific Adviser
Business Green, 2 October 2014
Energy secretary reassures households after power station fires
Guardian, 26 October 2014
Can (green) energy policy create jobs?
Carbon Brief, 7 November 2014
Green energy 'creates more jobs than fossil fuels', study says
Business Green, 9 November 2014
Green energy generates 10 times as many jobs as fossil fuels, 10 November 2014
Shale gas: boom or bubble?
RT, 12 November 2014
Ministers' shale gas 'hype' attacked
BBC News, 12 November 2014
Billionaire founder of Ineos wants to start shale gas revolution in the UK
Guardian, 20 November 2014
UK energy policy is driven by populism and prejudice: Consumers pay the price
City AM, 1 December 2014