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Electric car emissions myth 'busted' - BBC, 25 March
Is the UK on the cusp of low-carbon heat and transport? - Edie, 4 March
The Paradox of EV Sales Up but Emissions Rising - Ride Tech, 04 February 
PM confirms 2035 ICE ban, but must be followed with ‘real action’ industry warns - Current News, 04 February 
Electric car sales are rising, but so are emissions. What's going on? - Wired, 21 January
2020 vision: cars to look forward to this year - The Telegraph, 1 January


British environmentalists crack down on SUVs, urge to limit sales - Forma Car, December 28
What to drive in 2020, from Aston Martin's new SUV to electric cars from Audi, Porsche and BMW - The Telegraph, 27 December
Rush for SUVs swamps progress towards EV  - Energy Reporters, December 10   
Labour news: What happens if Labour wins election? What will Corbyn do on day one? - The Express, 10 December
Report: soaring SUV sales causing car emissions to rise - Autocar, 9 December                                                                                                                                                  
Rise of SUVs 'makes mockery' of electric car push - BBC, 9 December
Labour mulls lift off for Frequent Flier Levy - Business Green, 9 December
Hybrid car demand is outstripping dealer supply by 8-to-1 - AM Online, December 9
На один проданный электромобиль в Великобритании приходится 38 внедорожников - Kommersant, December 9
電動車熱賣「碳排放卻增加」?英國研究:都是休旅車害的 - ET Today, December 9
[영국] UK에너지리서치센터, 전기자동차혁명 사실과 달라 - Min News, December 9
SUV sales undermining UK’s low carbon transport plans - The Engineer, 9 December 
I SUV responsabili dell’aumento delle emissioni - Formula Passion, December 9
SUVs threaten to ‘sabotage’ net-zero 2050 goal - Air Quality News, 9 December 
SUV e crossover principali responsabili delle'incremento delle emissioni nocive - Automobilisimo, December 9
Petrol and diesel SUV's outsell electric cars as EV market stands at just one percent - The Express, December 9
SUVs are 'threatening' attempts to reduce emissions, report claims -, December 9
SUVs outselling electric vehicles 37 to 1 - Shropshire Star, 9 December      
Net-zero date debate risks distracting focus from immediate action, UKERC warns - Current +, Decmber 9
Popularity of SUVs ‘makes a mockery’ of UK’s air pollution targets -, December 9
SUVs out-sell electric vehicles 37-to-1: Popularity of gas-guzzling Chelsea Tractors 'make a mockery' of UK plans for all cars to be zero emissions by 2050 - This is Money, December 9
Sales of SUVs ‘making a mockery’ of emission policies - Motoring Research, December 9
SUV demand could ‘sabotage’ net zero - Fleet World, December 9
SUVs outselling electric vehicles 37 to 1 - Yahoo, December 9
Government research claims high SUV sales defies UK's emissions aims - AM Online, December 9
SUVs outsell electric cars by 37 to 1 - The Times, 9 December
Transition to renewable energy needs to consider global threat to species -, 9 December
Transition To Renewable Energy Needs To Consider Global Threat To Species - Eurasia Review, 6 December
Inside First Light Fusion's fight to solve clean energy and save the planet - Inverse, 7 November
Fracking's time has passed already – Britain should be focused on clean energy - The Telegraph, 29 October
Labour outlines fast track to zero carbon energy by 2030 - Network Blog, 24 October
Boris Johnson's claims on nuclear fusion leave scientists baffled - The New European, 7 October
New Tory plans to bring forward ICE phase-out date to 2035 ‘nowhere near enough’, industry warns - Current News, 2 October 
Power shift needed to improve gender balance in energy research, report says - True Viral News, 23 September
BBC Briefing on energy: how do I use it? - BBC, 18 September 
Bust of Norwegian gas on the tube in London - be warned against using the advertisement again - Nettavisen, 17 September
Nestlé Says It Will Target 'Net Zero' Emissions. What Does That Mean? - Fortune, 17 September
Gas is ‘not a low-carbon fuel’, UK watchdog rules - Financial Times, 16 September
Yellowhammer report: ‘Rapid’ SEM split could trigger ‘significant’ Ireland power price hike - Current News, 13 September
Analysis: A moving target? - Forecourt Trader, 10 September
Report reveals policy gaps in UK Government’s net zero pledge - The Chemical Engineer, 29 August
National Grid rules out wind power as cause of power cut - Carbon Brief, 16 August
BBC News Naga Munchetty snaps at Kwasi Kwarteng over increase of energy prices with Brexit - Express, 16 August
Is Boris Johnson's cabinet the most anti-climate action ever? - The London Economic, 6 August
Johnson's 'extraordinary cull' - The Ecologist, 5 August
Salvini exceeds Renzi's record - Dire, 5 August
Oversizing renewables to avoid shortfalls - Physics World, 25 July
Government announces EV chargepoints must be smart to secure grant funding - Business Green, 24 July
Fossil fuels offer an increasingly poor energy return on investment - European Scientist, 16 July
Sustained government funding for solar innovation and clear vision for storage needed - Solar Power Portal, 15 July
Curtailment: losing green power - Physics World, 12 July
Pushing renewables ahead - Physics World, 4 July
Disruptive change: Net zero requires government to keep all options open - Current News, 21 June
'The Climate Conversation': Can new Citizens' Assemblies plans drive the net zero transition? - Business Green, 21 June
Large-scale renewables vital to net zero but economy-wide disruption inevitable - Current News, 20 June
Zero Carbon Goal for UK Firms - The Torn News, 20 June
UK firms must prepare for phasing out of carbon emissions - Sharecast, 20 June
UK firms will face 'deliberate disruption' to hit zero carbon goal - Guardian, 19 June
Wednesday briefing - Guardian, 19 June
UK sectors face system shocks during net-zero transition - Edie, 19 June
No more business-as-usual: Report forecasts turbulence on route to net-zero goal - Business Green, 19 June
Is the UK’s new wind a breath of fresh air, or the same old hot air? - Power Technology, 18 June
'Power shift' needed to improve gender balance in energy research - ScienceDaily, 17 June
Power shift needed to improve gender balance in energy research, report says -, 17 June
Women Face Significant Barriers in Forging Careers in UK Energy Research - Interesting Engineering, 17 June
Gender imbalance in energy research can improve from power shift: Study - Ani News, 17 June
Analysis - Green technology and early adoption - BBC Sounds, 17 June
Power shift needed to improve gender balance in energy research, report says - Mirage News, 14 June
Letters - The Times, 11 June
Caution urged over modular nuclear reactors - New Civil Engineer, 10 June
Great Britain just went two weeks without using coal. Here's how - Wired, 31st May
UK's high-pressure gas pipelines 'provide significant grid flexibility' - Energy Live News, 30 May
UKERC gauges storage capacity of gas networks - Utility Week, 30 May
The Stress Test - BBC Radio 4, 29 May
UKERC gauges storage capacity of gas networks - Utility Week, 28th May

UK's high-pressure gas pipelines 'provide significant grid flexibility' - Energy Live News - 29th May
Time for a climate crusade - Utility Week, 13 May

Hidden costs on the path to net zero emissions - Financial Times, 12 May
Transport 'best place to start' for hydrogen economy - Edie, 10 May
Arup report highlights potential of hydrogen - Network (blog), 9 May
Energy UK and Citizens Advice outline a system to fit energy users - Utility Week, 3rd May
The costs of decarbonization - Physics world, 11th April
New appointment to Committee on Climate Change - Energy Live News, 4th April
Underneath the bonnet of the net zero business boost - Business Green, 4th April
The impact of Brexit on the UK and devolved energy system: an interdisciplinary perspective - British Politics and Policy at LSE, 2nd April
10 policy steps to drive a low carbon heat market - The Energyst, 25th March
Great Britain: by 2030 30% of the electricity will be offshore wind - Green Report (Italy), 8th March
Climate change: Government deal to boost offshore wind - BBC News, 7th March
Shelved nuclear power plans leave UK government's energy policy in hot water - Chemistry World, 20th February
How do we stop the lights going out? - Express & Star, 22nd January
Britain's nuclear power puzzle: How do we stop the lights going out? - Shropshire Star, 21st January
Climate change: Is nuclear power the answer? - BBC, 17th January
Only renewables can fix the UK's nuclear energy crisis - Wired, 17th January
Public want energy companies to pay fair share towards transition costs - Network, 17th January
Pietro Vandini: Transizione energetica, non si può improvvisare per mera propaganda elettorale - Ravenna notizie, 17th January
What are we reading? 17th January 2019 - Business in Vancouver, 17th January
Committee considers clean energy technology - Verdict, 14th January
EU BOMBSHELL: How the bloc 'imposed the HIGHEST electricity and gas bills on Britain'- Daily Express, 9th January