Arturo Castillo Castillo


Dr Castillo Castillo specialises in Energy Policy and techno-economic analysis of waste to energy and materials technology. He has worked as a consultant in the area of innovation policy relevant to alternative fuels and fuel cells. At the Centre for Environmental Policy he has worked in two main areas. He has worked as lead-researcher in biological and thermal treatment techniques. He is member of the Industrial Symbiosis Platform of the European Climate Knowledge and Innovation Community. He is involved in developing methods and tools for deployment of waste to energy and materials in developing countries, notably anaerobic digestion, where they can assist sanitation and prevention of infectious diseases.

Global urbanisation and higher levels of waste have increased the amount of resources that are irreversibly extracted from natural cycles and exploited without recovery as energy or materials. Dr. Castillo's research formalises the synergy between the traditionally unconnected fields of Waste Management and Energy Policy. Main activities are in the context of emerging regulatory, commercial and scientific developments leveraged to configure a technology mix that can deliver benefits within both sectors. His area of work encompasses a techno-economic and life-cycle-assessment framework with scenario development. Research questions aim to tackle the potential to reduce landfill tax, penalties and the creation of new market opportunities combining objectives of the two fields.