Carolyn Snell


Carolyn is a Senior Lecturer in Social Policy with a multidisciplinary background who joined the University of York in 2007. Her career began with a degree in Politics and English Literature and was followed by an MA and PhD in Social Policy. Following this she held a research post at the Stockholm Environment Institute where she worked on the social and public policy dimensions of transport policies. Since 2011 her research and publications has largely focused on energy policy in the UK, with a particular interest in fuel poverty.  In 2011 she received a grant from Eaga Charitable Trust to investigate the relationship between fuel poverty, welfare reforms and disabled people and in 2014 she received an EPSRC grant to research whether food bank recipients were facing a ‘heat or eat’ dilemma as suggested by many news reports.   Research findings have been included within the National Institute for Care and Excellence’s national guidelines on Excess Winter Deaths, and have also been presented at an event in Parliament.