Helen Pallett

UKERC Researcher

Helen is a Senior Research Associate looking at systemic participation in the energy system. She completed her PhD thesis at the end of 2014 which looked at organisational learning from and about public participation in the UK Government-funded body Sciencewise. In January and February 2015 she worked on the Realising Transition Pathways project looking at diverse publics and diverse ways of studying and engaging publics through the energy system. From the start of March 2015 she has been working with Jason Chilvers and Tom Hargreaves on a UKERC-funded project which will involve mapping and designing diverse forms of public participation around the energy system. My work draws mainly upon approaches from science and technology studies and human geography.

She has a range of teaching experience with both undegraduates and masters students, covering topics related to public participation and science policy, as well as running training for staff and students in research blogging and social media use. Her research interests cover: democracy and participation; experimentation; science policy; travelling ideas and models.