Kannan Ramachandran


Kannan Ramachandran has multidisciplinary education across energy science, energy engineering, environmental science and project management. He is a leading international energy expert with more than ten years of experience from the UK, India, Singapore, Thailand, Germany, Switzerland and many other Asian countries.

His research interest include MARKAL/TIMES energy systems modelling, energy conservation and management, life cycle costing, cash-flow analysis, techno-economic feasibility study, environmental life cycle assessment, energy economics and climate mitigation policy. He has published in peer reviewed journals with the h-index of 13, book chapter, project documents and conference papers. He has been referee for a number of energy-environmental-economics journals. He also reviewed the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2009. He organized number of stakeholder workshops for model data validation in the UK and a policymaker workshop in Vietnam.

Kannan joined the PSI’s energy economic group in August 2009. Since then he initiated the development of a new Swiss TIMES electricity model with an hourly inter-temporal resolution. This model will be further developed to an energy systems model under the proposed project Developing Swiss TIMES Energy system Model (STEM) for transition scenario analyses.

Prior to join PSI, Kannan was the core member of the UK energy system modeling team of the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) based at King’s College London/Policy studies Institute, London. He developed the UK MARKAL energy system models and contributed for its variants via MARKAL-Macro (MM), MARKAL Elastic Demand (MED), temporal MARKAL. The model has been extensive used for the analyses of the UK 2007 Energy White Paper, UKERC Energy 2050 project, Climate Change Bill, Climate Change Committee recommendations, quantification of UK hydrogen economy, and so on. He also organized a series of stakeholder workshops to validate the model input data.

Kannan has been a team member of the study on the Economics of the Kyoto Protocol: A Cost-Benefit Analysis for Singapore commissioned by the Government of Singapore. He built the MARKAL model for Singapore. Earlier, Kannan was a Research Associate with the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, and coordinated a Asian-regional climate change project.

Kannan performed comprehensive research on life cycle analysis of power generation technologies. He taught undergraduate engineering courses in Singapore University. In his early career, he worked for Vestas wind turbine manufacturing company in India, where he performed techno-economic feasibility studies for wind farms. Kannan began his career as an energy auditor and undertook number of energy audit projects in India. Later he developed a methodology for energy management practices in SME.