Noel Longhurst

UKERC Researcher

Noel is an economic geographer by training and his research focuses on the geographies of sustainability innovation. He has a particular interest in three research topics i) the roles of civil society in innovation processes; ii) theorizing socio-technical systemic change; and iii) sustainable urban economies.

Noel's research has focused on energy transitions, alternative currencies, the Transition Towns movement and alternative food initiatives. HIs PhD research was an ethnographic study of how an ‘alternative milieu’ developed around the town of Totnes, Devon, and the extent to which this supports the emergence of grassroots economic experiments or enhances their longevity.  

Currently I am working on the UKERC funded Equity and Justice in Energy MarketsWorking in partnership with a housing association we are researching the lived experiences of energy vulneranility and the multiple ways in which they interene in the energy lives of their tenants.