Panayiotis Romanos


Panayiotis Romanos is a research associate in Thermal Energy Storage of the Centre for Renewable Systems Technology (CREST). He researches ways of integrating Thermal Energy Storage systems in Buildings for space heating/cooling and domestic hot water production as well as for Thermal Power Plants.

Current research focuses on the future role of Thermal Energy Storage in the UK Energy System including Demand Side Management with Smart Metering and Smart Buildings. His research and teaching focuses on various aspects of energy, with the aim of contributing to the development of effective and economic low carbon energy systems. He has almost 20 years experience within the energy sector.

Previous research topics include PV Hybrid Systems, Components for Modular Renewable Energy Systems, Distributed Energy Resources, Building Energy Modelling, Energy Management in Smart Buildings, Demand Side Management, Smart Grids, Electric Vehicles and PV inverters testing and qualification according to the grid interconnection.

He was previously employed for CRES (Centre for Renewable Energy Sources) in Greece as a research associate in PV Hybrid Systems, Electric Vehicles and Rational Use of Energy in Smart Buildings. He was Post-Doctoral research associate for ICCS/NTUA (National Technical University of Athens) on the research of Control Strategies for Microgrids and Distributed Energy Resources.

He was Adjunct Assistant Professor with the University of Patras in Greece, Architecture Department, for the course of Sustainable Design. He gave lectures on Building Physics, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer and Buildings Simulations based on EnergyPlus mainly for evaluation of Buildings Energy Efficiency.