Pedro Guertler

UKERC Researcher

Pedro Guertler is a Senior Policy Advisor in E3G’s London office. His work focuses on advancing the case for a coordinated and ambitious approach to low carbon heat and energy efficiency investment – particularly as an infrastructure priority in the UK.

Prior to joining E3G, Pedro was Research Director at the Association for the Conservation of Energy, leading a team of experts in the development, delivery and dissemination of energy policy design and evaluation research projects with a primary focus on advocating policy change for improving energy efficiency and reducing energy demand in the UK and the EU.

Pedro is a UK ambassador for the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, was a Trustee of the Eaga Charitable Trust – which funds fuel poverty research – from 2009-2015, and a member of the London Borough of Islington’s Climate Change Fund advisory panel, from 2007 to 2012, to advise on the award of grants to households, businesses and charities.