Susan Waldron

UKERC Associate

Susan's research interests include:

  1. Biogeochemical cycles, especially carbon and within aquatic systems;
  2. Applications of stable isotope analyses to biogeochemical cycling;
  3. Stoichiometry of natural systems;
  4. Continuous data-logging of water chemistry parameters.

Her work is largely interdisciplinary and includes collaboration with scientists in ecology, botany, environmental science and hydrology.

In October 2007 she completed a NERC Advanced Fellowship: “Under what conditions do rivers acts as a net sink or source of atmospheric CO2 ?” (2002-2007). The focus of Susan's Fellowship research was to consider carbon cycling of major riverine species (gaseous, dissolved inorganic, dissolved organic and particulate organic) in a discharge-related context, using a relatively pristine catchment as a case study. Isotopic characterisation is a key analytical tool for her research.

Susan has maintained an interest in carbon cycling, firstly through environmental controls on biological production in methane, then as an energy flow in ecological studies, and now in budgetary constraints and process recycling in lotic and lentic systems. Previous research on the influence of peatland gas production on peatland hydrology, on field vegetation respiration studies and on freshwater invertebrate functional plasticity reflects the diversity of her interests in the carbon cycle. Past EU funding addressed the importance of fishery discards in seabird diet.

For the most up-to-date information about Susan's research please visit her group web page: