1st EERA Joint Programme on Nuclear Materials Information Days

8:45 AM 4 December - 4:00 PM 5 December 2019
European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) , KOWI Office, Brussels, Belgium

The first edition of the EERA JPNM INFODAYS will be held in Bruxelles on 4 and 5 December 2019


The infodays have two objectives:

=>First, they aim at giving the JPNM participants and stakeholders an overview of 

  • the current and future developments of energy research for nuclear applications at the European level,
  • the challenges concerning materials for sustainable for nuclear energy to be addressed in the coming years
  • the actions of the EERA-JPNM on these subjects and funding prospects.


=>Second, they will contribute to foster the links between participants active in the research on nuclear materials, including the academic associates, and with the stakeholders. 

This will help the participants to determine how to contribute best to future research orientations and how to benefit from future funding opportunities


The agenda will cover the topics as follows, in presentations and round tables.

December 4th

- Status of sustainable nuclear energy in Europe

- Roles of EERA and JPNM in the European energy research landscape

- Strategic Research Agenda of JPNM for future R&D needs at the European Level

- Funding prospect for an new European Joint Program on nuclear materials

December 5th

- Running H2020 Please complete the booking form below to register to attend an event the EERA-JPNM and current Pilot Projects

- Current and future role of the EERA-JPNM for the benefits of its participants and stakeholders