2018 Energy and Society Conference: Energy transitions in a divided world

9:00 AM 3 September - 5:00 PM 5 September 2018
Energy and Society Network , University of Exeter,EX4 4SB, United Kingdom

The fourth Energy & Society Conference will take place in Exeter, UK, from 3rd to 5th September 2018. They aim to bring together researchers interested in the social dimensions of energy, to exchange insightful ideas and create opportunities for collaboration. They invite contributions from sociology, other social sciences and interdisciplinary networks.

 This time the conference theme is Energy transitions in a divided world. The theme reflects recent developments around the world that have been linked to a decline in social and spatial cohesion and cooperation: the onward march of individualism, privatisation and deregulation associated with neoliberal principles, and the rise of nationalism within and beyond Europe. The Brexit vote in the UK and the Trump presidency in the US are just two manifestations of these processes. But what are the impacts of these wider social transformations for future energy systems?

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