2050 Carbon Aspiration - Between Green Tech Advancement and Low Carbon Lifestyle

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM, 19 June 2018
Energy Futures Lab , Room G20, Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, United Kingdom

Sustainable Development Goals (2015-2030) provide specific targets and initiatives to curb carbon emission, and expending carbon sink, thus creates opportunities to enhance and expand the adoption of green technology. SDG-driven regulatory framework and policies have been in place in many countries. Often, multilateral framework-based policies have long term perspective and outcomes beyond 20 years, especially in rapidly emerging countries where opportunities are available for new infrastructures and facilities to be developed.

This lecture outlines scientific issues and policy options for emerging countries, such as Malaysia in enhancing green growth by adopting, developing and benefitting from Green Technology; providing appropriate regulatory instruments, at the same time promoting Low Carbon Lifestyle. What is the correct balancing recipe? Scientific issues will also be discussed such as disruptive technologies and digitalization, ranging from carbon actions impacting financial sustainability and accuracy of carbon simulation data on investment climate on major infrastructures, particularly in energy and transportation sectors. Green lifestyle is part of SDG on demand side, and could be promoted using social media and circular economy.

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