4th BME Early Career Researcher Conference 2020

9:30 AM - 5:30 PM, 24 April 2020
G34, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College London , United Kingdom

We know that climbing the research ladder at a university or another academic institution can sometimes feel intimidating; as if you’re trying to break into an archaic and exclusive world of excellence that just doesn’t recognise you. This feeling can be intensified if you are a researcher from a BME background as you are even less likely to see people who represent you within the academic community.

This conference offers you the opportunity to hear from BME researchers, from PhD student to Professor level (and beyond!) who share their experiences of how they have managed to navigate the academic space successfully so you can envision your own route to your place within the academic arena.

In addition to inspiring, encouraging and empowering accounts from BME academics, you will also get the chance to participate in workshops providing practical advice and support on everything from networking, grant writing, mentoring, coaching and sponsorship, to maintaining your mental health and wellbeing in academia.

This one-day workshop will help equip you with the tools to successfully navigate the academic space so you can stay in academia!

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