7th International Conference on Nuclear and Renewable Energy Resources

9:00 AM 20 September - 5:00 PM 23 September 2020
Ankara, Turkey

The 7th International Conference on Nuclear and Reneable Energy Resources, NURER2020, is organized in ANKARA in cooperation with The International Atomic Energy Agency.

This event will consist of a knowledge-based and comprehensive scientific program, featuring oral and poster presentations with possible commercial exhibitions from energy and publishing sectors. Thus, it will provide a good opportunity to become familiar with the most recent R&D tools in innovative nuclear and renewable energy systems, as well as looking at cutting-edge ideas on a sound scientific-technical basis. The aim is to combine the intellectual debates on the leading practical applications on nuclear and non-nuclear technologies, such as hydrogen energy, wind energy, solar concentrating systems, PVs, power systems, alternative energy tools, deep space exploration, etc.

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