Brexit and energy: what to expect from the negotiations

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 13 November 2017
Green Alliance , Central London (venue TBC), United Kingdom

The UK’s long awaited clean growth strategy was published on 12 October and we welcomed its clear aim of a low carbon future. But there was precious little on what the future holds for the energy and climate sectors post-Brexit. The Climate Change Act secures our ambitious carbon targets, but once outside the EU, from a ‘no-deal’ scenario to an ‘EEA style’ agreement, any option will require appropriate adjustments for businesses, regulators and consumers.  
The event will start with a presentation by Sir Philip Lowe, former director general of the European Commission for Competition and Energy, followed by a discussion among all attendees. Sir Philip will introduce his latest policy briefing “Brexit and energy” and share his insights on the politics of shaping EU energy policy and approaches to navigating Brexit.

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