Can natural gas reduce emissions from transport? Heavy Goods Vehicles and Shipping

5:00 PM - 7:30 PM, 28 January 2019
Sustainable Gas Institute , Lecture theatre 200, City and Guilds Building, South Kensington , United Kingdom

On January 28th 2019, the Sustainable Gas Institute (SGI) at Imperial College will be launching its fourth report in their White Paper Series: Can natural gas reduce emissions from transport? Heavy Goods and Shipping.

The scope of the report

Emissions in the transport sector are an increasingly important issue in global energy systems. This includes both greenhouse gases (GHGs) and air pollutants including oxides of nitrogen (NOx) oxides of sulphur (SOx) and particulate matter (PM).

However, the progress on reducing greenhouse emissions from transport has been relatively slow, with emissions from shipping proving to be particularly challenging. Natural gas has been suggested as an alternative transport fuel to help combat these emissions, particularly in shipping and goods transportation due to the range requirements in these vehicle types. However, there is some disagreement as to the potential for natural gas to provide significant improvements over emissions emerging from the current transport system.

White Paper 4 will investigate the emissions of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants arising in both heavy goods vehicles and shipping. The report will assess the scope for natural gas to reduce these emissions from current levels.


The evening will commence with a welcome by the co-directors of the Institute, Professor Nigel Brandon and Dr. Adam Hawkes, followed by a 30-minute overview of the report from the lead author, Dr. Jamie Speirs.

This will be followed by a panel debate and a Q&A with experts in the field.

  • Adam Morton, Rolls-Royce’s Head of Environmental Technology

  • Dr. Tristan Smith, Reader in Energy and Transport at University College London

  • Third panelist (TBC)


Registration and coffee is at 17.00, and the event is expected to start at 17.30. After the event, there will be a drinks reception from 18.45 until 19.30 onwards.


Coffee and registrations, the launch event and the reception will be in the City and Guilds Building which can be accessed easily from College's main entrance on Exhibition Road, South Kensington.

The lecture is in City and Guilds Building, Lecture theatre 200. Room 200 is at the end of the foyer in the left-hand corner. Coffee and the reception will be outside in the foyer.


These events are typically well attended, with a cross-section of industry, academic, government and other stakeholders.


Dr. Jamie Speirs is the Lead on the SGI White Paper Series and a Research Fellow in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial College London and leads the Sustainable Gas Institute’s White Paper Series. He joined Imperial College in 2007, working in the Centre for Environmental Policy, before joining SGI in March 2016. Jamie conducts research on the social, technical and economic issues affecting energy policy in the UK, Europe and globally. For the last eight years, Jamie has conducted systematic reviews of contentious energy topics as part of the UK Energy Research Centre. His research has examined supply of critical metals for low-carbon technology manufacturing, the macroeconomic and employment impacts of government support for renewable energy, the future for unabated coal power stations, and the resource availability of global oil and unconventional fossil fuels. Jamie is the lead author on white paper 3, ‘A Greener Gas Grid: What Are The Options?’.

Adam Morton is Rolls-Royce’s Head of Environmental Technology responsible for developing the company’s technical response to the environmental challenges posed by climate change, local air quality and noise. He joined Rolls-Royce in 2007 as Chief of Low Carbon Technology, with responsibility for identifying and evaluating clean energy opportunities across the group. Since then he has held a number of senior positions with the company. Prior experience includes 15 years developing large energy and transport infrastructure projects working for Ewbank Preece and Mott MacDonald. At Mott MacDonald Adam was a Partner, latterly running the firm’s renewable energy unit. He has also held other senior technical roles with US energy project developer Mirant Corp based in the Netherlands and Italy. He represents Rolls-Royce on a number of technical committees and advisory boards and since 2016 has represented the company on the board of the Energy Technology Institute.

Dr. Tristan Smith, Reader in Energy and Transport at UCL has, since 2010, grown a substantial group focused on modeling and analysis of shipping’s efficiency and emissions. He led the 3rd IMO GHG Study, is lead author of ISO 19030, co-chair of World Bank's CPLC Maritime Thread, and has been involved in numerous projects across the academic, industry and policy domains. The group maintains a number of models including GloTraM, which is used by several multinationals to explore shipping's future scenarios and technology evolution. Along with Dr Simon Davies, he is co-founder of University Maritime Advisory Services (UMAS).

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