Colston Research Society Symposium 2018 - Nuclear energy: cornerstone of a low-carbon future?

9:00 AM 24 October - 6:00 PM 25 October 2018
South West Nuclear Hub , We the Curious Museum, Bristol, United Kingdom

The UK is at a turning-point in its use of nuclear power. We are witnessing the nation’s first nuclear new-build in over 25 years. The Government is committed to ambitious targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The UK is in the process of withdrawing from both the EU and Euratom. This is set against a backdrop of worldwide strategic refocusing of nuclear research effort towards Generation IV reactor technology.

As part of the prestigious Colston Research Society (CRS) series, this symposium will bring together experts from industry and academia to examine the future of nuclear energy generation in the UK. It will cover reactor technology for UK civil applications, nuclear R&D capability and current plans for new build and decommissioning.

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