10th International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Domestic Appliances and Lighting (EEDAL’19)

9:00 AM 6 November - 5:00 PM 8 November 2019
China National Institute of Standardization and European Commission Joint Research Centre , Beijing region, China

Following the success of the previous EEDAL conferences, the China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS) are pleased to announce this conference with the technical and scientific support of the European Commission Joint Research Centre.

The international community of stakeholders dealing with residential energy consumption equipment, metering and lighting (manufacturers, consumers, governments, utilities, international organisations, academia and research) has already gathered nine times at the International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Domestic Appliances and Lighting (EEDAL) (Florence 1997, Naples 2000, Turin 2003, London 2006, Berlin 2009, Copenhagen 2011, Coimbra 2013, Lucerne 2015, Irvine 2017).

EEDAL has established itself as an influential and recognised international event to discuss the progress achieved and latest developments in energy efficiency technologies, behavioural aspects and policies. EEDAL is the venue to establish new collaborations and synergies and build international partnerships among stakeholders.

EEDAL'19 will provide a unique forum to discuss and debate the latest developments in energy and environmental impact of households, including appliances, lighting, heating and cooling equipment, electronics, smart meters, consumer behaviour, and policies and programmes. EEDAL will also address non-technical issues such as consumer behaviour, energy access in developing countries and demand response.

The three-day conference will include plenary sessions where key representatives of governments and international organisations, manufacturers, utilities, and academia will present the latest advancements in residential energy efficiency.

Parallel sessions on specific topics will allow in-depth discussions among participants. The conference will provide opportunities to strengthen existing and promote new initiatives and partnerships.

Call for Abstracts

To contribute to the success of the EEDAL conference, we invite you to participate in the conference and to submit abstracts on new technology developments, user behaviour, policies and programmes (including monitoring, evaluation and international collaboration), smart equipment, smart homes and smart metering, demand side flexibility and on-site generation.

All papers shall address new and original developments. For the sessions on technologies, in particular, only papers focusing on new advanced solutions will be considered. In addition, papers shall not be of commercial nature.

For more information and to register please follow this link.