Energy storage in the UK: policy priorities, regulation, and delivering storage at scale

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM, 20 June 2019
Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum , Central London, United Kingdom

This conference will discuss next steps for energy storage in the UK.


It will be an opportunity to discuss the opportunities and possible barriers for increasing energy storage in the UK - including discussion of what form this storage should take, balancing large and small scale projects, and what more can be done to drive investment in the sector in order to support the greater use of renewables and low carbon energy sources.


The practical challenges associated with the finance, design, and development of large scale energy projects will also be discussed with the Government recently launching its Storage at Scale Competition aimed at encouraging innovative, replicable solutions which could provide a competitive alternative to conventional commercial large-scale energy storage technologies, such as pumped-hydro or batteries.


Delegates will also assess government plans to speed up the process of approval for new energy storage projects with the proposed removal of the ‘capacity cap’ in the recently closed consultation on electricity storage within the planning system - and what more can be done to make projects attractive to potential investors.


Further sessions will discuss what more can be done to improve network transmission flexibility, challenges for integration and distributed storage, and the role of electric vehicles as part of a wider energy storage network.


Ofgem’s Targeted Charging Review - looking at changes to how networks recover the costs of transporting electricity to homes, public organisations and businesses - will also be discussed. It comes with a consultation on the Minded to decision and draft impact assessment recently closed, and concern expressed from transporting electricity to homes, public organisations and industry over the impact of proposed changes.


Against the background of a wider Energy Network Codes Review - aimed at updating codes to adapt to significant growth in low carbon and smart technologies - attendees will discuss priorities for the future governance of the energy system and whether sufficient steps have been taken to support the growth of energy storage solutions.

Keynote Speakers

Ian Ellerington - Head of Technology Transfer, The Faraday Institution

Dr Alex Berland - Senior Policy Advisor, Electricity Storage and Smart Energy, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Louise van Rensburg - Interim Deputy Director, Energy Systems Transition, Ofgem

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