Energy systems challenges in a world in transition

10:00 AM 22 March - 1:00 PM 23 March 2016
UKERC , Lady Margaret Hall, Norham Gardens, Oxford,OX2 6QA, United Kingdom

UKERC is convening a residential conference in Oxford on 22-23 March 2016 that will bring together different perspectives on the energy system, and identify the key energy system challenges for the research community, government and other actors. The conference, which is supported by the RCUK Energy Programme, is an important opportunity to help inform future research priorities.

The agenda is now online below, with keynote speakers Arnulf Grübler (IIASA), Joan MacNaughton CB (Chair, WEC Trilemma), Laura Sandys (CEO, Challenging Ideas & Founder, POWERFULwomen) and Phil Sheppard (National Grid), already confirmed, alongside other high-profile energy sector figures able to offer new insight.

The conference is being organised in partnership with four other energy systems research centres. It is uniquely framed by their independent, whole systems ethos that takes into account technological, economic, political, and social factors and identifies which ones are key and how they interact. Accordingly, the conference is aimed at:

  • Decision-makers in government and the private sector who want to contribute to a big picture understanding of the energy system and the challenges it faces.
  • Engineers, scientists and social scientists who want to explore key energy systems challenges from different perspectives - including those relating to governance and co-ordination, innovation, energy security, the role of consumers, and natural resources.
  • Analysts, consultants, and researchers who want to understand the latest ideas emerging from research and policy as they relate to the whole energy system.

The conference steering group has chosen discussion topics that include energy security, governance, resources, and innovation.

Discussions in the conference will lead to the production of a briefing document for research funders and decision-makers. Our intention is to have a significant impact on energy thinking in the UK, and we want all delegates to contribute their views.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to present a poster showcasing their research.

The conference is now full. Please keep an eye out for the conference report due later in the year.






Department of Energy & Climate Change
Energy Technologies Institute
National Grid
RCUK Energy Strategy Fellowship

Prof Jim Watson, UKERC (chair)
Dr Mike Weston, UKERC
Dr William Burns, UKERC
Ms Lindsay Wright, UKERC
Ms Jo Coleman, Strategy Development Director, Energy Technologies Institute
Dr Jane Dennett-Thorpe, Deputy Head of Science, Department of Energy & Climate Change
Prof Geoff Hammond, University of Bath
Ms Lacey-Jane Davis, University of Bath
Ms Roisin Quinn, Head of Energy Strategy and Policy, National Grid
Mr Nigel Fox, Strategy Development Manager, National Grid
Dr Catherine (Frin) Bale, University of Leeds
Dr Katy Roelich, University of Leeds
Prof Catherine Mitchell, University of Exeter
Mr Richard Hoggett, University of Exeter
Prof Jim Skea, Imperial College London
Dr Matthew Hannon, Imperial College London
Prof Neil Strachan, UCL
Ms Liz Milner, UCL