Energy Transition 2.0 Europe

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, 29 April 2020
Climate Action , Hilton, Tower London, United Kingdom

Energy transition is happening across Europe, driven by net-zero policy targets and innovation, but the sector still accounts for two-thirds of Europe’s emissions. With demand still rising, we must employ a myriad of new technologies, investment opportunities, business models, and regulatory frameworks to ensure net-zero by 2050.

Energy Transition 2.0 Europe (ETE2.0) organised by Climate Action, is a highly focused forum taking place in London on 29 April 2020. It will convene 300 major stakeholders from power, heat, and transport to discuss the decarbonisation of Europe’s energy system. ETE2.0 strengthens industry networks, investment, and commitments, identifying innovative solutions supporting the decarbonisation of all energy systems through a whole systems approach.

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