Flexible Fund Scoping Workshop

28 November - 28 October 2019
UKERC , Imperial College London, United Kingdom

UKERC’s programme includes a Flexible Research Fund that will be allocated via a series of three open calls, anticipated to take place in 2020 and 2021.

The aims of the Fund are:
  • To provide flexibility for the UKERC research programme in the light of new scientific insights or developments in policies, technologies or industries.
  • To bring a wider range of researchers and disciplines into UKERC’s research programme, including researchers from outside the ‘traditional’ energy community.
  • To scope and develop new research agendas in partnership with funders, the research community and other stakeholders; and to promote integration in the UKERC research programme, and to fill gaps where needed.

We will be hosting a workshop on the 28th November to introduce the Flexible Fund, and to scope out, and prioritise topics for the first round of funding that is expected to be announced in early 2020.

Registering your attendance

Register your interest in attending the event by the 25th October.

Please can you briefly state your interest in energy research when registering - if the event is oversubscribed we will want to ensure that we have a balanced representation of stakeholders.

We will confirm your place at the event on the 1st November.

Register your interest here