The future of the UK gas network: infrastructure, new technologies and energy security

8:30 AM - 1:00 PM, 5 July 2018
Westminster Energy, Environment and Transport Forum , Central London (venue TBC), United Kingdom


This conference will bring together policymakers with key stakeholders to consider the future of UK gas infrastructure - looking at potential upgrades and the decommissioning of old pipelines, system resilience and new technologies.

Following the sale of National Grid’s controlling stake in the UK’s gas distribution network and the formation of Cadent Gas, sessions examine the implications for future energy security and the maintenance of the UK’s gas network.

 In light of the financial go ahead for projects such as H21 Leeds, delegates will also consider the supply of conventional gas, natural gas pipelines and LNG, as well as the role of new, unconventional sources such as onshore shale gas, biogas, and hydrogen in reducing the carbon footprint of the heat, power and transport sectors.

Attendees will also discuss the environmental challenges for gas and its interrelated role with renewable generation, as a base-load energy source.

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