H2FC Supergen Hydrogen Research Conference 2020

17 February - 18 March 2020
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Supergen Hub (H2FC Supergen)

Bringing together the hydrogen and fuel cell research community, inspiring collaboration and driving innovation.

Hydrogen and and fuel cells are gaining an increasing level of attention from both industry and governments in the UK and around the world. This conference will include insights and observations on the status and future of the industry, through presentations from key representatives working in government, industry and academia. The discussions will cover not only the research developments and challenges but also new and exciting opportunities for hydrogen and fuel cell research. Our list of key-note speakers will be publicised soon.

The topics will focus on research developments on hydrogen, fuel cells and their applications, with focus on, but not exclusivity to, the themes below:

  • Theme 1: Hydrogen Production
  • Theme 2: Hydrogen Storage
  • Theme 3: Fuel Cells
  • Theme 4: Hydrogen/Fuel Cell Systems and Applications
  • Theme 5: Hydrogen Safety
  • Theme 6: The role of hydrogen and fuel cells in the energy system
  • Theme 7: Policy, economic and social aspects of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

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