Household energy efficiency programme evaluation: does it tell us what we need to know?

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM, 19 May 2015
ClimateXChange , Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, High School Yards, Edinburgh,EH1 1LZ, United Kingdom

Dr Joanne Wade will present a summary of recent, peer reviewed evidence about the impacts of energy efficiency programmes on household energy use, and discuss whether this evidence tells us what we need to know to inform robust policy and programme design.

Recommendations will be offered, for policymakers and for evaluators. These summarise the actions that policymakers can take with confidence and those which should be further tested, and also the areas where evaluation research and practice needs to focus its attention.

The types of initiative covered include: building regulations; building energy labels; appliance market transformation activities (including labelling and minimum efficiency standards); utility investment programmes and low-income schemes (such as ECO and HEEPS); innovative finance mechanisms (for example, the Green Deal or Germany’s KfW loans scheme); information and advice programmes; billing feedback linked to smart metering, and community-led energy efficiency activities.

The seminar is based on the results of a UKERC study that asked ‘what is the evidence that energy efficiency programmes targeted at the household sector have delivered real energy savings?’ and followed a structured literature review and assessment process developed by UKERC’s Technology and Policy Assessment team.

About the speaker: Joanne Wade has 25 years expertise in the energy and environment fields and combines academic research and teaching with evaluation and advisory work for public and third sector clients. She is now Director of the Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE), which aims to encourage a positive national awareness of the need for and benefits of energy conservation, to help establish a sensible and consistent national policy and programme, and to increase investment in all appropriate energy saving measures.

The event will run 10.30 AM-12 PM at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, High School Yards, Edinburgh EH1 1LZ. Please book your place here.