Postponed: Industrial Efficiency 2020 – Accelerating Decarbonisation

9:00 AM 14 September - 5:00 PM 16 September 2020
eceee, the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy , Gothenburg, Sweden

Postponed until September

Because of the COVID-19 virus and the resulting travel restrictions, eceee has decided to postpone Industrial Efficiency 2020 until after the (Nordic) summer. The conference will take place 14–16 September 2020 at the same venue, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

No changes in the paper submission, review and production schedule has been made. The previously communicated deadlines for submissions and reviews (below) are still valid!

Decarbonisation, resilience and recovery

The current pandemic highlights the need for taking a broader look at climate change, resilience, and the need for robust supply chains of essential products. Investments for climate and energy efficiency can also help us with a needed restart of the economy. Join us for Industrial Efficiency 2020 to go beyond industrial energy efficiency to deliver savings, decarbonisation, and a circular economy
Early birds register by 28 February

Join us for Industrial Efficiency 2020 to go beyond industrial energy efficiency to deliver savings, decarbonisation, competitiveness and a circular economy. Register here! 

Fast decarbonisation key challenge
The decarbonisation of industry presents a formidable challenge. In a few sectors, such as iron and steel, new carbon-free processes may lead to more electricity being used. Just going for renewables is not enough. By increasing efficiency across all sectors and end-uses we can free up resources to make this transition affordable and manageable.

Industrial Efficiency 2020 will explore current and emerging trends in industry, such as new business models, digitalisation, industry 4.0, the circular economy and resource efficiency, and discuss the significance of these trends for delivering decarbonisation. The multiple benefits of energy efficiency are of particular interest.
Discounts for eceee and EEF and DENEFF members
As always, eceee members are offered a discount. But we are proud to offer members of EEF (SE) and DENEFF (DE) members a discount as well.
Showcase your company or project
Participants who want to present a company, organisation or project during a special session can sign up for the "mini-exhibitor option".  We also offer a two-person exhibitor option. 
There will be over 100 presentations based on peer-reviewed papers or “extended abstracts". The presentations are organized in six panels:
  • Policies and programmes to drive transformation
  • Sustainable production towards a circular economy
  • Energy management – in real life
  • Technology, processes and systems
  • Business models, finance and investment
  • Deep decarbonisation of industry

During the event there will be informal sessions and sponsored side events.

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