Models 2 Decisions 1st Annual Conference

12:00 PM 11 July - 2:00 PM 14 July 2017
M2D Network , University of Exeter,EX4 4SB, United Kingdom

Models 2 Decisions (M2D) is one of two networks funded by EPSRC/NERC/ESRC to build multidisciplinary academic & practitioner communities focused on developing new tools and approaches to enable decision making under uncertainty.

The concept for the conference is to provide an inclusive environment that encourages and delivers multi-disciplinary engagement across a wide range of topics and disciplines, centred around the three core themes of the M2D network:

  1. Uncertainty Quantification
  2. From Model to Decision
  3. Communicating Uncertainty.
The programme will include the role of applied mathematics, visualisation, statistics, psychology, philosophy and the social sciences in models and decision making. There will also be a decision-makers led day.