Off-Grid Microgrids Workshop

9:00 AM 10 September - 6:00 PM 14 September 2018
Cardiff University / Federal University of Pará , Federal University of Pará Campus, Brazil

The UN Sustainable Development Goals have stated the desire to achieve universal electricity access by 2030. With over 80% of those currently without access to electricity in rural and remote locations; of those it is estimated that 65% of these will require off-grid solutions to meet the 2030 target.

In Brazil, the Amazon region has large areas that have no access to grid electricity, with many communities isolated in the rainforest. According to some studies, one of the main inputs needed to improve the quality of life of the river dwellers in the Amazon, stimulating productive activities, preserving the environment, and increasing income, is electric energy. For these locations there is often no alternative but the use of locally available energy sources.

Under the Newton Fund sponsored Researcher Links programme through the British Council, they will be holding a workshop on Off-grid Microgrids for the Electrification of Remote Communities Workshop in Belém, Brazil from the 10th until the 14th September 2018. This workshop aims to provide a strong link between researchers in these academic communities in the UK and Brazil, with a common goal of rural electrification. This will be achieved through the presentation of individual’s research and the co-development of research ideas. We will aim to provide a career development structure for Early Career Researchers in Brazil and the UK, and support the development of collaborative research projects.

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