Regional Influences on the Energy Networks

9:30 AM - 4:00 PM, 13 July 2018
Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers , Principality Stadium, Cardiff, United Kingdom

It is widely accepted that the UK’s transition to a low carbon energy sector requires change. This is particularly true when it comes to decarbonising heat. Whilst it is not yet clear exactly what our future energy system will look like, it is increasingly acknowledged that the existing energy networks will need to be more flexible, integrated and localised.

Picking up on these themes, Regional Influences on the Energy Networks will explore how regional administrations have sought to implement a move to a whole systems approach to energy.

Representatives from the UK Government, devolved regions and authorities will provide an overview of their future vision for energy provision. This event will take a look at how regional policy making affects the energy sector and opens up local solutions. We’ll also be discussing evolution of smart cities.

Regional Influences on the Energy Networks is one of The Road to 2050 series of conferences organised by IGEM to explore the role of the energy networks and their associated infrastructure in the UK’s energy mix from now to 2050 and beyond. 

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