Smart Energy Savings (SENS) Information Day - BEIS

9:30 AM - 2:00 PM, 23 January 2019
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy , Coin Street Neighourhood Centre 108 Stamford Street London ,SE1 9NH, United Kingdom

The Smart Energy Savings (SENS) Innovation Competition

BEIS is launching a £6.25m innovation competition to develop and trial products and services that can deliver a reduction in energy consumption in homes through the use of smart meter data. There is potential for innovative products and services to help households realise additional energy savings to those already being delivered by In Home Displays (IHDs) and energy efficiency advice at installation. These products and services could, for example, include new equipment, software, customer services or information.

A wide range of innovative products and services will be considered for this competition with the core requirement being that smart meter data should be an enabler to help consumers reduce their energy consumption. Some possible measures are identified below – in practice solutions are likely to comprise a combination of measures that act more effectively together.

  • Feedback to residents on their energy use.
  • Advice to residents e.g. how to interpret energy feedback, what actions to take
  • Practical assistance to residents e.g. ‘how to’ demonstrations, assistance with maintenance or energy efficiency improvements.
  • Financial interventions such as incentives to reduce energy use.
  • Social interventions such as local events, word-of-mouth communications.
  • Use of technology, e.g. automation or remote control by residents or energy supplier.

BEIS will support the competition through a separately contracted research organisation who will be responsible for working with successful applicants to design a robust trial of the product or service, monitor the delivery of this trial and evaluate its findings.

Programme Timelines

BEIS aims to launch the innovation competition in February 2019, with the call closing after 6 weeks and work commencing in April 2019.

Further details

If you are interested in the innovation competition, please do join us at the information day. Attendance can be confirmed via Eventbrite. Places are limited to one attendee per organisation.

Details will include:

  • Background, aims and objectives of the competition and research programme
  • Activities and timelines
  • Application process

Registration will commence from 9:30 with the event starting at 10am. The main activities of the day will conclude with lunch provided from 1-2pm to provide an opportunity for networking.

Depending on the type of innovation proposed, technology vendors, service providers, or third parties may wish to partner with an energy supplier as part of a consortium to help recruit customers to participate in large scale trials (~10,000 homes) or to help implement their solution. To assist this, applicants can submit a short expression of interest (up to 1 side A4) to outlining:

  • the functionality of your product,
  • its current stage of its development, and
  • your contact details

BEIS will distribute this information to energy suppliers who express an interest in reviewing proposed solutions. Please note that energy suppliers may also bid separately for this competition.

If you have any queries about the event please get in contact with us on, otherwise they look forward to seeing you on the day.