Tanker Freight Risk Forum

24 February - 27 January 2020
The May Fair, Stratton Street, W1J 8LT, United Kingdom

In a year where markets were resolutely focused on the long-anticipated IMO 2020 regulation, 2019 turned out to be one of the most volatile years on record for tanker freight. The extraordinary run of major incidents and vacillating geopolitical relations sent shock waves through the market causing the Baltic's flagship TD3C route to peak at an unprecedented $300,000 per day in Q3.

Alongside increased safety risks and decision complexity for owners trading through the Gulf, freight risk exposure became an increasingly significant concern for commodity markets as traders ploughed volume into freight derivatives in a bid to mitigate risk and capitalise on rate volatility.

The Tanker Freight Risk Forum, hosted by the Baltic Exchange, supported by the FFA Brokers Association, is the annual market gathering for freight and oil traders globally. Taking place during IP week, attendees will hear from leading commentators including John Kemp from Reuters and Tim Smith from MSI as they share insights on tanker demand, supply and the outlook for both markets in 2020.

Alongside an update from the Baltic, traders and brokers will openly discuss market benchmark development alongside evolving trade patterns and other major industry issues impacting trade in both physical and FFA markets.

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