Tortoise Breakfast ThinkIn - How can the world produce more energy and less...

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM, 16 January 2020
Fora, Fitzrovia, London, United Kingdom

Energy demand is rising, as populations grow and living standards rise in the developing world. To have a chance of keeping global warming below 2 degrees that demand must be met from renewable or low-carbon sources, with emissions capture and stored or offset. What are the technologies – and what is the policy framework – that will make this possible?

A ThinkIn is not another panel discussion. It is a forum for civilised disagreement. Modelled on what we call a ‘leader conference’ in the UK (or an editorial board in the US), it is a place where everyone has a seat at the table. It’s where we get to hear what you think, drawn from your experience, energy and expertise. It’s where, together, we sift through what we know to come to a clear, concise point of view. It is the heart of what we do at Tortoise.

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