UKERC participates in international collaboration activities as part of its objective to act as a bridge between the UK energy research community and the wider world. As a national energy research centre, UKERC is often the first port of call for overseas researchers, governments and other organisations that want to understand and engage with UK energy research. UKERC researchers also engage in numerous collaborations through our research programme.

UKERC’s international strategy follows a ‘Europe + opportunity’ approach. This means prioritising collaborations within Europe, and selectively committing resources to interactions with other countries where there is a clear rationale to do so.

UKERC is the official representative for the UK in the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) Joint Programmes, and a founding member of the Low Carbon Societies Research Network (LCS-RNet). UKERC was also involved with establishing the Low Carbon Energy for Development Network (LCEDN). 

Examples of our other international engagement activities include:

  • supporting participation of UK energy research in the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE);
  • hosting foreign visiting delegations, making use of international tools;
  • methods and expertise to support UK policy and practices;
  • working with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Science and Innovation Network to support UK capacity and expertise abroad, and supporting bilateral research collaborations (e.g. between the UK and Mexico).

For more information or enquiries regarding UKERC’s International work and engagement, please contact UKERC Operations Manager, Dr Kajsa-Stina Longuere (