The EERA Ocean Energy JP is based around six key research themes. These themes have been developed based on existing research roadmaps which identify the critical areas of research required for the successful growth of the industry. The Research Themes are -

  • Resource
  • Devices and Technology
  • Deployment and Operations
  • Environmental Impact
  • Socio-economic Impact
  • Research Infrastructure, Education and Training

Within each Research Theme a number of sub-topics have been identified as key long term research objectives. Initial EERA Ocean Energy JP activities are not able to cover all of the objectives identified but have been prioritised in the initial programme by need and the current availability of funding. The gap between what has been identified as a key long term objectives and what the JP is actually able to deliver in its early stages will help identify issues that need future funding and coordinated research efforts.

UK Representation

The UK involvement is led by Henry Jeffery at the University of Edinburgh. Please contact Henry Jeffery or Michael Weston for more information and to get involved.