BEIS publishes UK International Research and Innovation Strategy

29 May 2019

The UK is a world-leading research nation, with a well-rounded, impactful and globally connected research base. With only 0.9 per cent of the world’s population, and 4.1 per cent of researchers, the UK accounts for 10.7 percent of citations and 15.2 per cent of the world’s most highly cited articles. Over half of scientific papers from the country have international co-authors, and 72 percent of active researchers in the UK are internationally mobile. The UK produces and attracts some of the most talented people in the world — since 2001 there have been 20 British Nobel Laureates.

Through a series of key themes the strategy targets the UK’s offer to distinct international audiences, other governments, research organisations, businesses and investors, and individual researchers and entrepreneurs.

BEIS' seven themes are:

  1. A global partner: how to build and promote partnerships and openness, guided by excellence and impact.
  2. Bringing together talent: how to connect researchers and entrepreneurs, support their development and the translation of their ideas, and build global people networks.
  3. A global hub for innovation: how to provide innovation hubs across the UK for global innovators, entrepreneurs and investors to connect and build industries of the future.
  4. A package of incentives and financial support: how to create a package of incentives and financial support that attracts innovative start-ups and scale-ups, and how to grow that support.
  5. A global platform for the technologies of tomorrow: how to support the design of common, global regulatory approaches to bring forward emerging, transformative technologies using the strengths and global reach of the UK's governance, intellectual property and standards frameworks.
  6. A partner for a sustainable future: how to build and invest in collaborative partnerships to tackle the greatest global challenges.
  7. An advocate for better research governance, ethics and impact: how to build through multilateral fora an international consensus on research governance, ethics and on Open Science to share knowledge and build trust.

The UK's engagement will be led by the Science and Innovation Network teams in its Embassies and High Commissions across the world. This engagement will include the UK’s regions and Devolved Administrations and the wider science and innovation communities.


The International Research and Innovation Strategy sets out how the UK will develop its international research and innovation partnerships to address global challenges and help achieve the targets in our modern Industrial Strategy.

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