Engage now to influence the Supergen Energy Networks Hub

31 Jan 2019


The Supergen Energy Networks Hub (SENHub), officially launched on the 1st October 2018 and is part of EPSRC’s £16 million Supergen Programme.  SENHub is led by Professor Taylor at Newcastle University, an internationally leading expert in energy systems, electrical distribution networks, smart grids and energy storage integration and control.

Challenges such as social norms, climate change and advancement in technology all have a bearing on energy networks, and are challenges not just within the UK but also internationally. SENHub plans to investigate these challenges for energy networks while embracing a whole systems approach.

The SENHub intends to further advance UK strengths in whole-systems energy networks research, and enable significant impacts to UK business, key industries, academic community, energy policy, and wider society in accessing clean, affordable and secure energy.

Engaging with the energy networks community

As its name suggests the Supergen Energy Networks Hub is not just about research but also about engagement with the energy networks community. This community of colleagues in academia, industry and policy will be engaged through networking events, and will have numerous opportunities to work with the SENHub. 

The SENHub hopes to enhance equality of opportunity and create a positive flourishing, safe and inclusive environment for everyone associated with it.  As a result, it is currently seeking help from individuals working within Energy Networks to gather confidential data on Equality Diversity and Inclusion within the community. 

We want your views on EDI and Early Career Research

You can help by completing the EDI Audit

Dedicated funding will be available for Early Career Researchers through SENHub. We hope to nurture the next generation of Early Career Researchers through understanding, and providing, the essential support they need.   

If you consider yourself an Early Career Researcher please have your say about what support you need by completing their short ECR Funding Survey.   

Through bringing experience and expertise together, the SENHub hopes to:  

  • make a significant contribution to addressing challenges faced by multi-vector energy networks
  • become a beacon for Equality Diversity and Inclusion
  • develop Early Career Researchers by providing significant support

If you would like more information about the Supergen Energy Networks Hub or how to get involved with them please visit www.supergenenhub.org.uk or email supergenEN@ncl.ac.uk.

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