EnGRG dissertation prize 2018 winners announced

20 Dec 2018

The EnGRG committee would like to congratulate the winners of their 2018 Undergraduate Dissertation Prize.

The winners were as follows:

1) Sophie Collard (University of Nottingham) "Beyond the energy ladder: Investigating the barriers to cookstove adoption and fuel choice in Malawi"The committee highlighted how this excellent work combined rigorous methods with insightful critical analysis. In making a powerful critique of the ‘energy ladder’ model, it has made an important contribution to debates around energy poverty. To read Sophie’s dissertation, please click here.

2) Nina Litman-Roventa (University of Leeds) “Shaking  up  the  old  order?  Clean-energy  start-ups’  role  and  partnerships  for  a  low-carbon  future  in  Germany  and  the  United  Kingdom”. This was an ambitious and well-executed study. The committee was particularly impressed with the way Nina used her results to engage with theoretical work on the geographies of energy transitions.To read Nina’s dissertation, please click here.

3) Jane Hardy-Jones (Lancaster University) “‘What’s  the  fracking  problem?’  An  investigation  into  the  social  acceptance  of  shale  gas  fracking  in  Fylde,  North  West  England”. This study impressively combined multiple methods into a coherent piece of work. It displays a sophisticated level of analytical and critical skills, particularly through its connection to work on environmental justice. You can read Jane’s dissertation by clicking here.