European Energy Research

16 Dec 2019

Cultivate Innovation Ltd are undertaking a piece of work for the EPSRC looking at the UK’s involvement in energy-related collaborative innovation in Europe, in the context of the current changes in the UK’s relationship with the EU.  On behalf of the Research Councils, they are seeking to gain a better understanding of the interactions the UK has with energy research going on across Europe and, in particular, where the key relationships are that need to be sustained into the future.

The UK’s participation in Horizon 2020 and its forerunners, alongside various other EU funded programmes that support low carbon innovation have had a significant and quantifiable impact on the funding of energy innovation and added to the development of UK capacity and capability in this area.  These benefits have been created through the development of strong and effective partnerships between institutions and individuals involved in the research, development, demonstration and deployment of innovative low carbon energy solutions across Europe.  This work is looking to develop a strategic understanding of these relationships and the support that might be needed to sustain them alongside the development of other international relationships.

If you are involved in European energy research networks and would be willing to be interviewed by Cultivate as part of this work please contact Mike Colechin ( or Anna Watson (