Rushlight awards 2019-2020 open to entries

02 Oct 2019

The Rushlight Awareds are the only set of awards designed specifically to support and promote all the latest clean technologies, innovations, initiatives and deployment projects for businesses and other organisations throughout UK, Ireland and internationally.

The Rushlight Awards are open to all types of organisation at any stage of corporate development, including individual inventors, early stage companies, charities, universities, SMEs, quoted companies and multi-nationals.


There are all the categories from prior years (see Categories), including the following:

  1. each of the renewable energy types
  2. improvements to older energy forms
  3. environmental clean-up solutions
  4. resource efficiency in all its guises
  5. transport of all types
  6. sustainable manufacturing, sustainable products, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, environmental metrology
  7. sustainable initiatives, programmes and deployment

At the Rushlight Show, all entrants can have a poster in the Exhibition and a presentation pitch in the Rushlight Cleantech Showcase and/ or the Sustainable Solutions Market Panel to investors, financiers and major corporate customers.  

The presentations and results announcements take place at the Awards Party after the Rushlight Show in January 2020 in London.

Entries close 30 November 2019

9 Reasons to Enter

This year, they are continuing with the close integration of the Awards with the Rushlight Show. There are so many reasons to enter, including:

  1. There are on offer to entrants who qualify a range of benefits, with many of the benefits available to all entrants.
  2. All entries will be made into posters and exhibited at the Rushlight Show, unless you choose not to.
  3. The prestigious and internationally recognised Rushlight Awards carry substantial kudos, specifically due to the totally independent, high quality judging  and breadth of support from the key leading participants in the sector.
  4. Winners and commended entries can display their respective logos on all their marketing material and communications free-of-charge after the event.
  5. Priority will be given to entrants for the presentation slots at the Rushlight Show to investors/ financiers and key corporate customers.
  6. All entrants can have a stand in the Exhibition at the Rushlight Show at a substantial discount.
  7. All entrants can attend the Awards Party at discounted prices, including group packages.
  8. Celebrate an innovation breakthrough or an initiative by entering the awards and bringing the team to the Party.
  9. Put your product, service, technology or project in front of potential customers, investors, partners, intermediaries and service providers.
How to Enter

Please go to How To Enter page and follow the instructions, download the entry form and good luck!

The entry fee remains at the same rate as it has done from the start, namely £125 plus VAT, with a discount for registered charities and members of certain supporting trade associations.

Rushlight are currently pulling together the extra benefits and prizes for the 2019-20 Rushlight Awards.

Benefits and Prizes

In 2019-20 the Benefits and Prizes are:

As a benefit for all Rushlight Awards entrants who are commercial businesses, Granted would like to offer you a 1 to 1 Project Exploration.  This is a chance to discover non-dilutive funding opportunities specific to your innovative project, Including:

  • An assessment of your Project Executive Summary in relation to securing Grant Funding
  • A meeting/conf call with one of Granted’s senior funding consultants to explore suitable funding opportunities to enhance the commercial scalability of your business through securing grant funding.

Once again, Barking Dog Communications are providing free PR consultation, to the overall and group category winners, which will provide some guidance on how to maximise your achievements in the press and social media channels, as an extra benefit for your success.

All applicants to the Rushlight Awards will have access to the Simply Do Ideas platform. There, users will be able to explore and innovate against relevant, industry challenges from large public and private organisations, sense opportunities for product or service development and raise their profile in a curated community of innovation.