Supergen Bioenergy Hub Consultation

31 Aug 2017

RCUK plans to invest £5M in a multi-disciplinary Supergen Bioenergy Hub to act as a focal point for UK bioenergy research. The Hub will connect academia with industrial and policy stakeholders to focus on sustainable bioenergy development. Prof. Patricia Thornley from The University of Manchester has been appointed to lead the Hub and is currently carrying out a consultation to establish the research priorities that the new hub will address from 2018-2023 and to identify appropriate research partners and stakeholders.


 Below is a list of consultation events which are open to the bioenergy community. Each event has a slightly different technical focus and will also explore different functions of the new hub. There will be opportunities at every event to register views and interests. The events cover a wide geographical area and remote access will be available for those who cannot physically attend.






Fungible Hydrocarbons for Aviation & Shipping 25th Sept 2017
Industry York
BECCS & Hydrogen 26th Sept 2017
Industry London
Biomass Resources 27th Sept 2017
Academic Oxford
Waste, Heat & Power 3rd Oct 2017
Industry Manchester
Bioenergy Systems 9th Oct 2017
Academic Edinburgh
Biomass Pre-treatment 25th Oct 2017
(11:00-15:30 TBC)
Academic Hillsborough, NI
Bioenergy Vectors 6th Nov 2017
(10:30-16:00 TBC)
Academic Drax, Selby
Biomass Conversion 16th Nov 2017
(11:00-15:30 TBC)
Academic Cardiff

If you are interested in attending any of the above events, please visit or click on any of the themes above.