Supergen ORE Hub launches interactive webtool

27 Nov 2019

The Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy Hub has launched an interactive Research Landscape to communicate Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) research.

The mission of the Supergen ORE Hub is to connect academia, industry, policymakers and the public to inspire research and innovation and maximise the societal value in offshore wind, wave and tidal energy. Following a series of consultation events with over 180 partners, the Hub has developed a series of research themes, challenges and opportunities faced by the ORE community which can now be communicated through the web-based interactive Research Landscape.

The Research Landscape showcases current research across all three ORE technology sectors, including the Hub’s own core research and research supported through its Flexible Fund. It also encourages UK academics and industry to submit relevant research projects for inclusion, in order to continually develop the information held by the Hub.

The Research Landscape can be accessed at, where researchers can also find out how to include a relevant research project or paper.