The European Commission 2030 Climate Target Plan Consultation

25 Mar 2020

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on its proposal to increase the continent's greenhouse gas emission reduction target for 2030 from at least 40% to at least 50% to 55%.​

The communication regarding the 'road map' to achieve this sets out potential policy measures that may be put in place to achieve that target, in line with one of the key commitments of the EU Green Deal. As detailed in the roadmap, the initiative will assess:

  • impacts on energy affordability, sustainability, and security, including energy system costs, infrastructure needs, considering the role of an effective and efficient internal energy market; 
  • the type and pace of actions required impacting other types of greenhouse emissions including transport, agriculture, forestry, industry, and waste;
  • the type and pace of clean technology development and roll-out needed;
  • how this increase in the 2030 climate target relates to the pathway beyond 2030, through 2040 and ultimately resulting in climate neutrality by 2050;
  • how the EU can increase the absorptions of CO2 emissions over time, including in its natural sinks, and the role of biomass-based products and nature-based solutions;
  • the pace and scale of investment required, also looking at how to minimise the risk of stranded assets; 
  • macro-economic implications, including impacts on growth, employment, and competitiveness;
  • the challenges for society in terms of consumer choice, household expenditure, education, and training;
  • the synergies and trade-offs with social and other environmental concerns such as biodiversity, the use of resources, pollution or food security.

It is possible to provide feedback on these initiatives and the other aspects of the roadmap until 15 April.

Further information on the EU Green Deal and its implications for Research and Innovation can be found in the presentation slides of a recent UKRO webinar on the topic.