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  • Whole Systems Networking Fund
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  • IVUGER Network Funding Retreat

    Blog 09 May 2019

    In one of the latest Whole Systems Networking Fund events, the IVUGER network hosted a writing retreat. With the network growing, it was a resounding success...

  • Inaugural TeachEnergy workshop

    by Grant Wilson 28 Mar 2019

    As we approach the end of this year’s teaching, we are counting down to the inaugural TeachEnergy workshop to start to create a community of practice around teaching energy.

  • 10 policy steps to drive a low carbon heat market

    Blog by Richard Lowes 27 Mar 2019

    Decarbonising heating systems in the UK presents a major challenge. UKERC and University of Exeter researcher Richard Lowes offers 10 steps to make it a reality.

  • Women Buying Green: first findings

    Blog by Alberto Longo 14 Mar 2019

    A UKERC-funded workshop brought together researchers with expertise in energy, environmental and behavioural economics, stakeholders and industry to understand the role of age, latency, gender and how to empower the next generation of elderly women for a transition to low-carbon technologies at the household level.

  • Justice in the Energy Transition – the challenge of our time

    Blog by Raphael Heffron 06 Mar 2019

    Many countries are realizing the enormity of the Energy Transition. This has been prompted by commitments made in Paris COP21 Agreement. In this energy transition, whatever the timeframe, the fundamental part of it is justice. Society needs this just transition. And the momentum is gathering.

  • IVUGER Funding Retreat

    01 Feb 2019

    IVUGER presents a unique opportunity for female Early Career Researchers (ECRs) to apply for up to £12,000 to support collaborative research projects through a FREE 2-day residential funding retreat.

  • Presenting our new animation

    Network News 14 Dec 2018

    We are thrilled to launch our new animation!

  • New Survey on Energy Education - We Want Your Views!

    Network News 22 Nov 2018

    Our challenges are interconnected, so our thinking has to be too. That's why we at UKERC promote the "whole systems" approach. This week Grant Wilson launches a survey asking how we should teach the next generation of energy researchers.

  • IVUGER Networking & Mentoring event, 29th November 2018

    Blog 15 Nov 2018

    On the first IVUGER event, female early-career professionals working in the broad field of decarbonisation of energy, will be gathering. Registration is open.

  • The Heat Network Survey: Take Part

    25 Oct 2018

    UKERC and 1010 are delighted to announce that ‘The Heat Network’, a project which forms part of the UKERC Whole Systems Networking Fund is now up and running. The project will use a combination of survey work, workshops and publications to for the first time pull together those researching and innovating around sustainable heating. The first step is a survey.