We are refreshing our brand

30 Oct 2019

Nobody likes change. But just like that old tie no longer suits you, sometimes a refresh is in order.

Over the last few months we have been working on developing a new brand identity. We will be revealing it next week, and before we do we wanted to give to our network a ‘heads up’ that the update is on its way.

Our design came from our values

Before initiating the project, we first asked, what story did we want the UKERC brand to tell? Here are three answers.

  1. We are about innovation. So it is important to us that we look modern, fresh and forward looking. We think that our new branding fits the bill.
  2. We support our network. We work with a wide network of stakeholders in the energy sector, encompassing academia, industry and policymakers. So we want to be seen as friendly and trustworthy, and invite interaction with our audience.
  3. We are technology neutral. We considered using icons to represent different sectors and technologies, however we decided against this - we are technology neutral and didn't want to leave anybody out.
A summary of what to expect
  • Logo: We kept the structure of the old logo as this strengthens our existing identity. "UKERC" said as one word, is how people know us. We believe the new logo is fresh and dynamic and eye catching.
  • Graphic device: We developed a graphic device. Inspiration came from the concept of UKERC’s role as being at the centre of a network. We wanted something versatile that can be adapted to many different formats and media.
  • Colours: The new colour pallet is fresh and dynamic. We stayed with blue and green, because people associate these with our brand, but have opted for a fresh take on these. We chose a palate of secondary colours to complement this, for flair.

Look out for the new branding next week!