EPSRC CDT Energy Masterclass to take place in Sheffield next week

06 Jul 2018

Next week about 120 PhD students from the Energy Centres for Doctoral Training will meet in Sheffield for a Summer School that will give them an overview of the entire energy sector and the challenges it faces. Over three days, they will collaborate with fellow students from across the UK during interactive sessions run by senior advisors from government, the financial, and legal sectors.

Activities include a workshop on investment and green finance, a legal negotiation, and an investigation into the coffee supply chain. A further challenge, led by officials from the European Commission, with advisers drawn from across the EU, will look at ways to decarbonise Europe’s islands.

The Summer School gives participants a better understanding of the political, legal, commercial and sociological challenges to the energy sector. It encourages PhD students to look beyond their area of expertise to consider the wider energy system.

During the the Summer School participants will:

  • understand the commercial, legal, and political challenges in the energy system;
  • be involved in high level debates on energy technologies in a number of key areas, from demand reduction to future sources of energy;
  • be presented with contrasting perspectives on energy;
  • have the opportunity to network with leading figures from the energy sector across finance, law, communication, and policy fields, broadening their skills and knowledge essential to an energy sector career;
  • negotiate and agree a collective vision for the future energy system, working with their peers and expert tutors;
  • develop and practice professional skills in communication.

The course is funded jointly by EPSRC and NERC; organised by UKERC and the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy Storage and its Applications; and hosted by the University of Sheffield.