Members of UKERC's Phase 3 Research Committee announced

04 Mar 2015

The UK Energy Research Centre has announced the members of its new Research Committee for Phase 3, due to meet for the first time on 19 March.

The Research Committee will be responsible for overseeing the allocation of £3.6 million funding to research via a flexible Research Fund, and will be chaired by Professor Gordon MacKerron, University of Sussex. It will operate formally as a sub-committee of the UK Advisory Board, meeting at least twice a year, with more formal meetings in its early stages. The main tasks of the committee will include:  

  • Helping to specify the annual calls for research project proposals planned for 2015, 2016 and 2017;
  • Overseeing the peer review process for research project proposals;
  • Making recommendations about those that should be funded;
  • Assessing the fit of recommended proposals with UKERC’s research programme; and
  • Advising the Research Director on the implementation of UKERC’s Research Strategy.

Members were selected according to strict criteria including a distinguished track record of relevant research with an international repuation; demonstrated experience of, and understanding of, interdisciplinary research; knowledge and experience relevant to the energy sector; and the desire to have a balanced set of expertise wihtin the Committee.

Full membership:

Alice Bows-Larkin, University of Manchester (carbon budgets, aviation, shipping)

Dan Van Der Horst, University of Edinburgh (social and environmental science)

Patricia Thornley, University of Manchester (bioenergy)

Paul Fleming, De Montfort University (local energy, energy efficiency)

Dick Eiser, University of Sheffield (risk, public perceptions)

Patrick Devine Wright, University of Exeter(public attitudes)

Philip Mawby, University of Warwick (power electronics and power systems)

Gordon MacKerron, University of Sussex (Chair)