Paying for energy transitions: audio

25 Jan 2019

The event, "Paying for Energy Transitions: public perspectives and acceptability" took place on the 15 January 2019. This event launched a report and presented the findings of UKERC research on public perceptions of responsibility to pay for energy transitions. You can find the report here. The project was led by Dr. Christina Demski and Prof. Nick Pidgeon at Cardiff University.

You can now listen to audio from our event on our Soundcloud page.

About the event:

Under the UK Climate Change Act 2008, the government has committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 relative to 1990 levels (Climate Change Act, 2008). This will require a large shift in the UK’s energy system, ranging from energy production, across transmission to consumption.

The public are implicated in the transition process as energy users, increasingly also as energy producers and as active members of society who might support or oppose energy projects and policies. Previous research (Demski et al., 2015; Parkhill et al., 2013) has shown that there is widespread public support for transitioning to a low-carbon, affordable and reliable energy system – however, this change is associated with costs and it remains to be seen how these costs will be covered.

This research explores the views of the British public on how the energy transition should be financed. Drawing on a survey of 3,150 respondents and focus groups in 4 locations across Great Britain, it investigates what responsibility members of the public assign to government, energy companies and the general public for financing energy system change.

Opening Speaker: Prof. Nick Pidgeon, university of Cardiff

Main speaker:  Dr. Christina Demski, Cardiff University


1. Joe Perkins, Chief Economist at Ofgem’s Office for Research and Economics.
2. Sharon Darcy, Director at Sustainability First
3. Rebecca Willis, Chair of IGov Advisory Group
Followed by a discussion with questions from the audience.