The Heat Network Survey: Take Part

25 Oct 2018

UKERC and 1010 are delighted to announce that ‘The Heat Network’, a project which forms part of the UKERC Whole Systems Networking Fund is now up and running. This project, led by charity 1010 Climate Action (in collaboration with UKERC researchers) looks to support the UK’s heat decarbonisation efforts through the development of a successful, inclusive and enduring network of people and organisations helping to decarbonise heat.

As repeatedly recognised, decarbonising heat is seen as one of the UK’s most difficult energy challenges with heat making up around 50% of the UK’s energy consumption and around a third of greenhouse gas emissions. With a focus on electricity decarbonisation and more recently transport, heat remains the ‘Cinderella’ of UK energy policy and in fact emissions from heating have increased for the past two years.

This networking project aims to get Cinderalla to the ball.

So how will we do it?
1010 Climate Action is a charity with deep experience of engaging people with climate issues and they will be leveraging their expertise to up the engagement around heat. The project will use a combination of survey work, workshops and publications to for the first time pull together those researching and innovating around sustainable heating.

The first step is a survey (which can be accessed here: This survey aims to build knowledge on the state of heat decarbonisation R and D in the UK and we’d encourage anyone with an interest in heat decarbonisation to complete it. This is your chance to get your views across and influence the rest of the project.

Following the survey, over the first half of next year 1010 will be running a series of stakeholder workshops. The scope of them isn’t quite clear yet but they are expecting to involve academics, the heat industry, consumers and the most forward looking heat innovators. In order to attempt to address energy industry diversity issues, 1010 will be offering bursaries to cover travel and child care in order to encourage niche players, small businesses and diverse interests to attend the events (who may otherwise struggle).

What next?
Our key goal is to get people talking and develop an enduring network of companies and individuals and we expect the events to go some way to achieving this. We will also be summarising and communicating details of the workshops through a variety of innovative means. This may include videos, illustrated novels and standard papers.

We have also specifically been asked to ensure that our outputs have value to the UK research councils in order to inform their research strategy around heat which is currently quite piece meal. One output from the project will therefore be a document targeted at the research councils advising them on the current status of UK heat R & D and the where more research and innovation may be of most value.

How can I take part?
If you have an interest or expertise in heat, we would love you to be involved. The first thing you can do is fill in the survey we mentioned already ( We’d also appreciate you sharing this survey with others who you may know who are interested.

Finally if you have a great idea for us, you can let us know directly by emailing Neil Jones at 1010 (